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In-Person Customer Service vs Virtual

There’s no point in explaining something in the same way to an IT professional and an average user. Every agent, no matter the job they do, needs to possess certain comprehension skills. This is largely due to the fact that explaining procedures is a big part of their workday. Therefore, they need to understand what they’re explaining, and they need to know how to explain it. Imagine you contact a call center and after an agent answers the call, everything is according to the protocol. Then all of a sudden, the agent starts to explain the solution using slang.


Employees can log into the software using a PC or laptop that has access to the Internet. This should help to make the employee more personable to their fellow co-workers and to customers. For tools, employees should be given a computer, charging cord and a high-quality headset. The employee should know how to operate all the software included, such as the VoIP system — which is what enables the employee to make and receive calls.

Customer Support Representative

For example, your Order a Phone Call bot can send a zap to your VoIP solution to let you know that the customer is waiting for your call. During the Coronavirus crisis, a home-based office for your customer service team members is the best and safest choice. While normally it would be perfectly OK to use a co-working space or a regular office, right now it is vital to keep your distance from others. People who cannot or don’t want to visit physical locations can self-service their own queries. They can also contact a virtual agent via the channel of their choice. Having employees in different time zones means the organization can answer calls at all times of the day, whenever needed.

What does virtual customer service mean?

A virtual customer service solution provides businesses with a complete support team from agents to management. This team is housed outside of the business but is trained in the company's products and brand to deliver a level of service customers cannot differentiate from the “real thing”.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies that had not already done so have moved to virtual contact centers. While many companies struggled initially to set up new operations that didn’t rely on on-premise technology and strict policies, the pandemic forced changes. And now today, about 80% of call center agents are working from home1. This trend is likely to be permanent, especially as the industry grapples with a labor shortage and workers increasingly consider flexible work environments when taking a job.

What a virtual agent can do for your business

AUDREY’s abilities were very limited, and it took an enormous amount of electricity and computing power to complete a task that was simple for a child. Still, speech recognition technology would continue to develop over the next 65 years into the sophisticated virtual assistance programs we take for granted today. Over the years, we have not only advanced the solution but also developed best practices for success. The estimated total pay for a Virtual Customer Service Representative is $45,463 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $37,706 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

This is where a job opportunity arises – there has to be a person writing content and communicating with the community. Social Media Manager is responsible for implementing the entire social media strategy as agreed with the marketing department in order to increase sales and brand awareness. Virtual customer service jobs connect activities that depend on services and customers. They usually involve interaction over a PC or mobile phone, unlike the classic customer service jobs which are all performed face-to-face.

Here are 27 other tasks that you can outsource to your customer service virtual assistant:

Unlike other what is virtual customer service service channels, video allows customer support agents to create a sense of empathy with customers. Enabling customers to see the people working with your brand diffuses customer tension, resulting in delighted customers and customer service agents. Although virtual customer service is a sustainable, scalable, and reliable business solution, you still need to be strategic on how to use it to strengthen customer relations and grow your brand. People now buy more from companies that care about their employees.

They can access stored customer data and analyze it within seconds to deliver customized customer experiences. In addition, they can analyze thousands of customer queries that are simple to respond to at the same time. For instance, an IBM report shows that chatbots can handle 79% of routine customer queries. This allows your customer service representatives to focus on more complex customer queries.

Virtual Customer Service Jobs: Final Thoughts

When they contact customer support, it is heartening for them and effective for you if they interact with someone from their own country. The solution is to hire country-specific virtual customer support assistants. It minimizes the risk of communication being lost in translation. Hiring a new employee implies an added cost of salary, medical benefits, and leave benefits.

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